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First Reason to Visit Sri Lanka

The reason speaks for itself if you have never been there. It is a unique place in the world and while becoming more popular for tourism, still has plenty of the 'off the beaten track' feel to it.

You can safely build an expectation of going to Sri Lanka and finding it unlike anywhere else. Sure, it is a bit like India, in the same way tea is a bit like coffee. But as a Sri Lankan once told me, there are at least 118 differences between a Sri Lankan and an Indian.

The culture of the land is very gentle and accommodating. People are helpful and courteous - in a sub continent way.

One time we were en-route to a place several hours travel out of the city when the car we were in broke down. The driver pulled over and we got out to wait on the side of the road for a replacement vehicle. Without askance, locals from nearby bought us some chairs, glasses of cool water and a shade umbrella to sit under. None of them had much English, but their smiling happy faces made it clear they were just happy to offer a bit of kindness to strangers. It was really nice.

Being, literally, a tropical paradise, Sri Lankans aren't too bothered by anything much. Life is good for most, and that is the feeling that pervades the land.


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