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Unit 7 Balneaire, Albany

I am staying at our unit in Albany for few days I am down here. The unit is part of the Belneaire Resort. As owners we get to use of for a couple of weeks each year, though I try to pick times when it isn't otherwise wanted by tourists.

For exercise I have been walking into town each morning, along the boardwalk at Middleton beach. This is a very pretty walk, with great views of Middleton Beach, King George Sound and Princess Royal Harbour opening up along the trail. There are also some side trails to very interesting historic sites, such as the old lighthouse keepers house, and WWI and WWII gun emplacements. It's an 8km return trip and even though I have done the walk about 10 times now, the views never seem to get boring.

We have started our own site for our until - It's not quite finished yet, and I plan to put a lot more scenic shots on there. What I am looking to do is show some of the less well knows, but very beautiful scenery of the region, as well as some tips for travelers of what I think is the best Albany has to offer.


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