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Best Single thing to do in Thailand

I had visited Thailand 5 or 6 times before I tried street food - an overcautious mistake. Forget the price for a moment, Thai street food is one of the best eating experiences in the world and for flavour and taste can match anything anywhere. And a full meal, including beer, will set you back about 200-400 Baht - $6-$12.

If you don't know a local to find you a good place, just walk down any street and look for somewhere lots of Thais are eating and you can't go wrong. The best dish to order is a river perch grilled over charcoal. The fish is cooked whole and stuffed with lemon grass and served with spicy sauce, lettuce leaves and fresh basil and coriander. To eat, lift off the skin, and scoop some of the delicious moist flesh onto a lettuce leaf, spoon on some spicy sauce and add a few basil and coriander leaves, then wrap up in the lettuce and eat.


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