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New Website for SJW Gems

I ran into limitations of my existing hosted site on The shopfront was great, but only being able to host 10 custom pages was a big restraint. Lacking the on hand sysadmins and software engineers I used to have, and having forgotten most of my LINUX skills, I didn't really want to go down the path of setting up a stand alone web server site.

Fortunately, Godaddy were able to suggest a solution using WordPress and Cpanel. I have to say, for a blog platform, WordPress has a very impressive e commerce front end, and more utility plugins than you can wave a stick at.

Of course, there was no easy migration path, so that all had to be done manually, product item by product item. But only 80 or so product listing, so not that big a deal. And now it is done.

There are a few small things I don't like, one of which was all the product image jpgs have to be the same size - 600x600px, otherwise the shopfront listing don't line up. Which mean editing all the image files to match the size. But apart from that, the options and flexibility of the new site is far better. The Woocommerce template seems to lack for nothing when it comes to things a storefront site needs.

Check it out -

I am happy with it.


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