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Runner Runner Full House

I know. Go figure.

Playing in the regular home game (NLHE, 10c/20c blinds) the other night, I made top pair (mediocre kicker) on the flop against one a fairly tight aggressive player, who's game I tend to respect.

There were was a straight draw possible, but as it was checked to me, I figured I was good at this point. He would have checked both a draw and a complete miss, and bet out if he had something like top pair or two pair. I made a 2/3 pot bet, so that if he was on a draw he would call, and also he would probably stay in the pot with something like middle pair, top kicker.

Sure enough he called, narrowing his range to those two possible hands.

The turn card, a nine, gave me two pair, but also completed the possible high straight. The pot was $10 and he checks to me. I need to find out if he has the straight or not. My thinking goes; if he has, he has the nuts at this point, and in that case, if I bet, he will call and try and trap me on the river, probably with a check raise. On the other hand, if he has only middle pair still, he will fold, but would not put any more into the pot anyway.

I bet $6, he calls. He has the straight and I have six outs.

The river is a king, giving me kings full of nines. Very nice.

Sure enough, my opponent checks. I think for a few minutes, and look like I am counting the pot (which I know full well is $22). What I want to do here is make a bet that looks like a bluff and induce him to check raise me. $12 seems about right.

Very quickly he raises to $35. I again pause for a bit, to consider if it is possible he could have King Jack, giving him a bigger full house than mine. Would he have plaid that hand differently? I decide I don't really know, but it is too remote a chance to worry about. I have $55 in front of me and push it all in.

My opponent calls. I show my boat, he shows his straight. 'Nice hand' he sighs.

While I am stacking my chips, Idiot Brain - another regular who is the commentator on every hand, expert on every situation, and self appointed trainer and corrector of the less experienced players - starts mouthing off that I had hit 'runner runner full house'. Saying things like 'oh he was so lucky on that hand', and telling a couple of people who had just come back from a smoke how I had stacked the other player with runner runner.

Nice of him to make those comments on a hand he wasn't even in. I guess if only he had been in the hand, things would have been different. I thought about saying something like 'you do understand that the first 'runner' in a full house makes two pair or trips, don't you?' But I just couldn't be bothered putting in the effort to break into his loud mouth ramblings.

(IB, by the way, is a player I often call down with middle or bottom pair to, quite safely, take the pot. He has a least five tells he is oblivious to and are about as obvious as KGB's Oreos.)

Ah well. Tools will be tools, and it is a poor workman that blames his tools.


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