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WSOP 2013 Strategy

I guess I should put a bit more thought into this. Though I will have about 30 hours of travel getting to Las Vegas to think about it.

I've looked at the blind schedule for the main event, of figure that if I play no hands at all for the first day, I can make it though with 25,000 left in chips.

The starting stack of 30,000 is 300 big blinds, and by the end of day 1, the blinds will be 200/400 with a 50 ante. 25,000 will therefore be a bit less than 60 big blinds, which is a respectable stack.

But really, just be blinded out for all of day one? It will certainly allow me to meet my objective of making it to day 2, but so would never leaving the house ensure I didn't get run over crossing the road.

My strategy is therefore shaping up to be this:

- play tight
- see cheap flops with 'top 20' hands
- use a Daniel Negreanu 'small ball' style for pre-flop raises and post flop bets
- play tight
- only raise in position with 'top 10' hands
- bet the nuts to try to make it look like a bluff
- play tight

Requires more thought, right. And I have no idea what sort of players I will be seated with, so the table environment can only be assessed at the time.

Ideally I would like to get through day 1 with my stack on par with the blinds; that is, start the day with 300 BB and end the day with 30, which will mean doubling up twice. But if I only end up with 100BB at the end of the day, I still wont be sweating and will be happy enough with the result.


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