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Registraion for WSOP

Arrived in Las Vegas on Thursday night and was pretty shattered after 30 hours of travel to get here. Las Vegas is in the middle of a heat wave, and the mercury hit 116 F on Friday - that is probably even pretty high in Celsius.

I thought it would be a good idea to rent a car, rather than rely on the often long queues to get a taxi, and also to go to a few places for shopping. Vegas is very crowded this weekend, being the 4th of July long weekend, and I have to say I don't much like it. There are queues everywhere, to register at the hotel, to get breakfast, at Starbucks for coffee, I am yet to see a queue less than 10 people long.

Anyway, there was meant to be an Avis office at the Aira, which is right next door to the Vdara where I am staying. Couldn't find it. Enlisted the aid of google maps and saw a Hertz also very close. Couldn't find that either. After an hour of walking through casinos with the occasional foray onto the strip in 45 degree heat, I gave up and decided to order one through the concierge at the Vdara.

Fortunately the queue to talk to the concierge was only 4-5 long, and I was shown a selection of cars from National. Mid sized was $370 for a week, which seemed reasonable. Then there was tax and the booking fee, plus $10 per day for a GPS, plus tax on that of course. Somehow it ended up at $500 for the week. Plus insurance, which the drop-off guy told me would be 'about $49 a day'. Great.Wouldn't be so bad if the car was decent. It's a Chevy Impala. It is just shameful that a car company can make a vehicle so utterly average.

But enough of that, and more of this:

I went to the Rio today and completed my registration. The queue was short and everything went through without a hitch. Then I went to the cashiers cage to pick up the change from the excess I had sent to cover bank fees. The queue was 30 people deep, and moved at about one person per minute. Oh well.

WSOP Seat Ticket

I have to say, it was pretty exciting to see the WSOP first hand. There are two main rooms, one for cash games and satellites and one for the event tournaments. Day 1a was already in progress as I walked through, with an area for the feature table with cameras, lights and the commentary booth. No players there that I recognized though. I think the top pros start on day 3.


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