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Craps in Las Vegas

I love playing craps in the US. It is pretty much the only table game I play in a casino, when it is on offer. But in America, you can really see why every casino had at least six craps tables. (compared to, say, Australia, which has one or two, or none, like the half arsed casino in Perth)

In the US, playing craps is maybe the best fun you will have at a casino. Every one it rooting (American rooting, not Australian rooting) for you to make your point, and when you do there are high fives all around. You make two points, the whole table applauds.

What's more, the dealers are on your side, since the preferred tipping method at craps is to place your tip next to your line bet, and if you win, the dealers double their tip.

How can there be a better game?

All you have to do to be convinced is wait until a shooter hits a 10+ streak. The table goes wild, the whole casino knows where the winning table is. Every throw is greeted with cheers and applause. And when the inevitable '7' appears, the the shooter is gratefully applauded out by the players and the dealers alike.

In Australia however, we are such miserly curmudgeons. We really need to lighten up and learn to enjoy our new found mining wealth bounty a little more. A change in gaming laws that allowed tipping would be a good start.


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