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A Win is A Win

Picked up a nice little tournament win the today playing APL at the Ship & Dock Tavern.

I haven't played APL for a long time - swearing off the 'pub' tournaments several years ago because of the drunks and loudmouths that made the game fairly unpleasant. But, after a long hiatus, and wanting to improve my tournament game - cheaply - I have started playing again, with reasonable results.

The very fast blind structure of APL tournies does make it a crap shoot, with a huge inflection point when the blinds jump from 100/200 to 200/400. Almost everyone goes from average to short stack at that point. However, I am finding it does teach discipline in a couple of ways.

First, is to play tight in a loose game. Because you just don't get any looser than pub poker.

Second is Patience. Even as your chip stack dwindles beneath the pressure of blinds, even when you have only 3-4 blinds of chips left. Still hold on for a good hand. In fact in this tournament I won, at one point I had 3,500 chips with the blinds at 300/600. Checked to me on the button, I stole the blinds pushing all in with K,4 suited, doubled up with A,Q vs another all in from A,J, and then tripled up with and AA slow played, check raised pre flop and all in against two chip leaders, to become the new chip leader.

Now, if I had panicked and just shoved with, say J,9 in an earlier position, the result would have been quite different, and much worse. I think I got the timing pretty well spot on in this case though.

A nice win.


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