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Rockpool Perth

The great thing about Rockpool is it brings the Sydney standard for fine dining to Perth. Hopefully this will force the other Perth Restaurants to lift their game to the same level.

The serving staff at Rockpool are excellent, very well trained. Always attentive, but not 'in your face. The sommelier really knows hist stuff, and you can confidently rely on his recommendation. The wine list also is top notch, though, my only slight criticism is, even for a restaurant, the prices are high.

As for food, I can only really comment on the oysters and steak, since that is all I eat when I go there - oh, and the cheese board. But all are fantastic. As any oyster aficionado will tell you, Sydney rock are the best in the world. And Rockpool serve them as fresh and well shucked as any.

I see the West Australian Good Food guide ranked this restaurant only equal with several others in Perth.

They are wrong.

It is head an shoulders above any other Perth restaurant at the moment.


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