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lebua at State Tower, Bangkok

This is a great hotel, with fantastic views of Bangkok. But, it is just one of many great hotels in the area. Apart from the view, there is nothing really to commend it over places like Shangri la, Chatrium or The Peninsular.

While there was nothing I didn't like about my stay there, it is clear that this hotel gets a large number of western tourists. It is the first hotel I have stayed at in Thailand where the porters hang around expecting their tip. And because there are so many western tourist staying there, the tuk tuk drivers and touts are thick as rats as soon as you step out onto the street.

Being a 5 star hotel, you pay 5 star rates, but I didn't think it was any more or less expensive than other places in the same class.

The restaurants are excellent. The breakfast buffet was really exceptional, as was Breeze restaurant.


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