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Price of Gold Sheen Sapphire - 2 Year History

Gold Sheen Sapphire I have been tracking the price of Gold Sheen Sapphire since I first started to buy it in 2014. Recently the street price has seen a dramatic increase, certainly due to its increasing popularity with designers and investors.

From the very start Tanzim Khan (the discoverer of Gold Sheen Sapphire) has been maintaining an impressive effort to provide information and education about this new variety of corundum. I have made a fact sheet available on my website and I am working on a grading system that I am developing in conjunction with Tanzim and Gemological Labs interested in participating.

This is the two year price history of Gold Sheen Sapphire:

Gold Sheen Sapphire Price History

Some explanation about the chart.

Currently we have 3 grades for GSS:

Grade 1 - No surface defects, no structural defects, or 'very rare'
Grade 2 - Eye clean surface, no structural defects, or 'rare'
Grade 3 - Minor surface defects, minor structural defects. or 'common'

Anything less than Grade 3 is not available for sale and either discarded or re-cut.

"Buy" is the wholesale price for Grade 3 stones in large quantities over 10,000 carats

"Sell" is the price offered for sale from retail or trade fare for single stones or small sales.

"Street" is the negotiated price for small quantities of stones of various grades.

Gold Sheen Sapphire can also be 'unique', which are typically collectors pieces over 50 carats in size. The price for these can vary from $100 per carat to simply 'no price' since it only depends on what the seller and buyer are willing to negotiate. Some examples of wholesale stones in calibrated sizes are on my website.

The good news is that for jewelry designers and retailers, the wholesale price of Gold Sheen Sapphire has not caught up to the street price yet.

Special Promotion for Gold Sheen Sapphire

Gold Sheen Sapphire I am launching a special promotion for Gold Sheen Sapphire. The goal Tanzim and I have is to make Gold Sheen Sapphire famous, and to do that we want jewelry designers to feature the gem in their work. There have already been some industry award winning designs, and we want to bring this unique gemstone into the mainstream where it rightly belongs.

This is the promotion I am offering on my website:

  • Hand selection of stone from rough to your specification

  • Rare and very rare features at a single price

  • Fine cutting to your design specification 0.1mm tolerance

  • Locked in buy price for 12 months

  • We will list your design jewelry for sale on our website, or link to the listing on your site, and promote it through social media at no cost to you.  You will receive 100% of the sale price.

  • The price of Gold Sheen Sapphire has risen by 100% in the last 12 month. Common grade gems were selling at $20 per carat last year and now are $40 per carat, and I have seen rarer stones that were $50 per carat last year now being bough for $200 and more.

    So first we are offering a very good price, cut to any specification the designer wants. We can offer even better pricing for stones already cut, and examples of those are in the wholesale section of my website -

    Second, locking in the price for designers lets them have the confidence that the price they buy for today will be the same for the next 12 months.

    To give an example of the lengths we will go to to provide the exact specification required, we have just completed an order for a jewelry designer in New York for 5,000 carats. To meet their requirement we sliced over 400kg of rough to find the exact match they were looking for.

    A Stunning Gemstone

    Gold Sheen Sapphire I recently saw the most spectacular Gold Sheen Sapphire that has been discovered so far. This gem has a pure gold luster under all light conditions - quite rare for Gold Sheen, which usually varies from gold to copper to bronze as light play across it. It also has a, so far, unique yellow sapphire 'window' through the stone.

    Unique Gold Sheen Sapphire
    The gemstone weighs in a 44 carats and measures 24mm x 15mm x 13mm

    More information on Gold Sheen Sapphire is available in my website -