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Investing in Gemstones

If you are buying stones at retail prices from, say, a Jewelry shop, the only value to the investment will be your pleasure in the stones you buy - which may not be a bad thing. But understand that if you go to sell those gems, you are not likely to get more than 25%, or less, than what you paid for them.

Even at wholesale prices, there is still significant risk. For example Tanzanite that was around $500 per ct a few years ago is now $150 per ct. On the other hand, Tsavorite has increased from $250 per ct to perhaps as high as $1,000 per ct for larger sizes, in the same period.

Blue sapphires right now are at a comparatively low price. Even stones 5ct plus can be found at under $500 per ct (albeit with some treatment). Pink sapphires and rubies are at comparatively higher prices because of demand from China. While at the same time there are many very poor quality rubies, with intense heat and colour treatment, entering the market that seem quite cheap.

I believe there is good investment opportunity for Alexandrite, if you can find it. I was recently shown a beautiful 1.1ct stone with good red/green colour change at an asking price of $10,000, where the 'tourist' retail price was $35,000.


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