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Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

Which, if I recall correctly was the name of a Queen song on the 'A Night at the Opera' album. What's that Wikipedia, it was? Yes. Thank you.

From Sunday morning through to just now at 6:30 I have been updating the SJW Gems website with some new features. First, there is multi currency. It is really more a convenience for customers than a 'must have'. All the product prices are in US dollars, and anyone buying will have the conversion done automatically by their credit card company.

Nevertheless, the customer can now select their currency from a drop down menu and it will update the prices in real time. Neat.

Second is a coupon feature for social media. Anyone who 'likes' on Facebook or follows on Twitter will get a coupon code for 10% discount off their order.

Not exactly lazing, but a productive way to spend a slow day.


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